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It’s A Double Rainbow!

The morning of October 14th at 6 am, I was lucky enough to witness a double rainbow. I ran inside to grab my camera and managed to capture a shot before it vanished. Anyone who doesn’t understand the significance of this event must watch this video.

My week has been made.


Fantastical Forestation.

35mm color film.


I know I know, pugs are kind of trendy right now. But this dog is absolutely perfect. And just for the record, I think she’s cute. People that say that pugs/bulldogs are ugly are just so predictable…


Hats, Coffee, and Burnt Orange.

Autumn 2011

All of my year is spent waiting for sweater and jeans weather. Fall is ultimately the best for fashion, photography, and walks. Even the smell that the cool wind carries is indescribably amazing. It’s a shame that it is only here for such a short amount of time, or maybe that’s what makes it precious?